Why is normal boring?

Why are people who have not done anything but the normal things in their life termed boring? I think normalcy is underrated. I believe that normal is the new special, so to speak. Why should there be this intense pressure for everyone to shine? If the reason was to get better as a person by exploring your limits or what not, then I would say who is to say that I would get better? Maybe I would fall into immoral ways while I try to improve myself. Human being that I am, I will probably understand getting better as getting better than others rather than myself. And wouldn't that just defeat the purpose? Why do I have to get better than the others?

On the same note, why should I always be funny? Or say the right things? Or be street smart? What if I am happy being the outsider. The one who is always there but doesn't say much. The one who observes all but is  not much seen. I quite like that fellow. I quite like being that fellow. Why do I have to be the guy whom everyone likes? Why the hell do I have to be someone that is just not me?


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