Who is serving whom?

When people put up a strong fight, you have to wonder who the government is serving.

Supreme Court's decision on Vedanta's Niyamgiri mining to hit government plansConspiracy Against Non-Violent Resistance Movements In Orissa
Tata sponsored ‘Green Hunt’ in Kalinga Nagar to destroy democratic tribal movement

And this is just in Orissa. And just 3 of the many mega-corps at work. At just 3 of the many locations in conflict. And this is just about the people in conflict because of the displacement. We haven't even talked of the ecological effects here. Which are more long-term and will outlive us all.

This is governance? This is development? How can the city dweller who propounds the usefulness of this project morally justify the struggle of the people who have everything to lose and nothing to gain from these projects?

I feel ashamed of the company I keep, sometimes. 


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