Have liked a few Pearl Jam songs for long. But did not know who the vocalist was. Then I saw Into The Wild and was fascinated by the lyrics and the music. And came to know that the artist there is Eddie Vedder, the vocalist of Pearl Jam! Strike One.

Searching for Eddie Vedder on a lazy, rainy morning, I come across a jugalbandi between Eddie Vedder & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, another gem of a musician. Vedder is singing the Sargam in this jugalbandi. Strike Two.

Vedder has also performed with the greater of the two Khans, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Strike Three.

Mr. Vedder, what a guy. Over & Out!

Edit: More strikes

Here's Eddie Vedder with Glen Hansard singing Falling Slowly from that beautiful movie, Once.


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