Monday, July 8, 2013

Susmit Sen

This guy is special. I feel the need to start taking note of every person he mentions to have influenced him. So here I start. Hope to keep adding to this. And adding details on each as well.

Ali Akbar Khan Sahib
Nikhil Banerjee
Nitin Malik
Bhimsen Joshi
Nikhil Vasudevan
Sudhir Rikhari
Clarence Clemons
Gaurav Sajjanhar
Anuradha Sajjanhar
The Sajjanhars together:
Shuba Mudgal
Amit Kilam
Rahul Ram
Tuhin Chakravarty
Himanshu Joshi

Now for some beautiful non-Indian Ocean stuff by Susmit.

PS: Someone needs to study this guy, Asheem & Rahul Ram in depth. Their school of thought, the one that led to Indian Ocean is as counter-culture, and as sensible as any school of thought can get. Love it. And no person who wants to understand the fallacy of the post-modernist world should miss Leaving Home, the documentary. Google it.