Naham Janami

A beautiful hymn from the film Ship of Theseus. Music by Rohit Sharma.

Lyrics & English Translation

नाहं जाणामि कंपि देवं न दईवं , णत्थि इसरो णियन्ता।
णत्थि सग्गभूमि ण णिरयं। 
णो जगकत्ता णो विकत्ताय ण य जगईसरो कोवि।
ण रक्खओ ण भक्खओ।
ण य कालाईओ आदित्ठो दन्दनाईओ।
कम्मुणो चेव दण्डं।
हं सयमेव सट्ठा भोत्ता य मे सुहदुह - पियाप्पिअसंजोगाण।
अप्पसरियो जीवो सव्वाण सुहुमतिसुहुमेसु।
नत्थु कोवि कयापि दुहिओ मया।
सया मे इइ संवेअणा।
सच्चस्स मग्गा बहवे, सच्चो य एगरुबो णवरं।
समया मे मणो दुव्विहअवस्थासु।
मम पत्थणा -निज्जरउ अन्नाणकंमं।
शुद्धसासयरुवो हं इइ अत्थु मे सद्दंसणंअन्ते- ण य भवउ चवियं 
मे पयं मोक्खमग्गओ ।

There are no celestial beings I know of, there is no god. 
Neither heaven nor hell. 
Neither a preserver, nor an owner of this universe. 
Neither a creator nor a destroyer. 
No eternal judge. 
There is only the law of causality. 
I take responsibilities for my actions and their consequences. 
The smallest of creatures have a life-force just like mine. 
May I always have such compassion. 
May I never cause any harm to anybody. 
The truth is multi-faceted, and there are many ways to reach it. 
May I find balance in this duality. 
I pray, may my karma of ignorance be shed. 
May my true self be liberated from the cycle of life and death. 
And attain moksha.


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