Maa Nee Meri

A moving song by a very strange group called Swaang. Strange because it is a very eclectic group of actors, singers, composers, musicians, writers, producers and theatre people who all lend into music and drama the philosophy they are collectively synthesizing. Some of them are the talented Swara Bhaskar, Rohit Sharma (music composer, of Naham Janami fame),  Ravinder Randhawa (composer, singer) and Shailendra Singh Sodhi (lyricist)

This song is called Maa Nee Meri, a reaction to the heinous crime referred to as the Delhi gangrape that was committed on 16 December 2012 in Delhi. The group felt that they just had to do something. This song is slowly becoming an anthem in itself.

The English translation of the lyrics are also shared by the band on the youtube page.

To mark the 1 year anniversary of the Nirbhaya case, Swaang and Majma ( a Delhi based cultural, rights and issue oriented group. I can't find anything else about them online ) together with Swanand Kirkire, Rabbi Shergill and a few more artists/actors organized a mobile concert called Jurrat, a unique initiative.

A couple more popular songs are a rendition of Faiz's Kutte, Lazy Lazy Legs (can't find a video for that, but what a title. Read more about it here) and Sursuri.

Quoting this article: "Swaang presents evenings of protest songs and poetry based on the writings of some legendary progressive poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sahir Ludhianvi, Dushyant Kumar, Paash, Gorakh Pandey, as well as some original writings of members of the group."

Follow the band on facebook and read more about them here.

Almost sounds like a new Indian Ocean. I am certainly going to be following them (and find out more about Majmaa too).

Signing off with a short video on the group


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