FRAntically Quizzical

One quiz, one plight
Caught me in a flight
Who was to know, not me at least
'twould lead to a trouble slight

A puddle of water, so innocuous
Lay there on the stairs of the dorm,
My plans, so precocious,
Lost all its form.

Entered the class,
Felt like I was walking into an abyss
So quiet have I never seen it,
But of course, there was the quiz

WTF, WTF, was evrybdy's expression...
The blanks in our minds outnumbered those on the paper,
'twas as if all the numbers had a mind of their own,
and were indulging in a cruel caper.

Even Depriciation has the capability to screw us now,
What are you doing Sobhesh Sir, please stop the torture
Have some mercy on the kids, 
And DON'T give us another scorcher.

Jerry bouncing on her toes,
fingers dancing on the calc.
Joshi as usual Mr. Cool,
Having put on tonnes of talc.

Chummi, BaLee And Bittu,
Obvsly aced the quiz too.
But how can one forget ToFee or Champa,
Silent assasins hai yeh, am I not right Shampa?

Mortals like us could only laugh,
At the "odd" few like Kruthika cribbing about the last blank left unanswered
Shoonya, Zero, Anda, became the most common Status Message,
Well, I guess, this is just a rite of passage.

Blurted out sometime during the 1st term at WIMWI.


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