Music in the background... what's that?

I remember this thing from school. When suddenly everyone started saying that they can concentrate on their studies better when some music is playing in the background. And everybody sounded so cool saying that. So, of course, I too started saying so. I desperately wanted to believe it too. And to my immense frustration it did not happen. If ever there was a case of the tail chasing the dog, it was this.

I continued with this while at work too. I loved to put on my headphones and code. But then music just served to block out sound from elsewhere. And the song needed to be on an infinite loop for me to not notice it and actually work.

But I get it. I just can't listen to music and concentrate elsewhere. Even while driving!

That tells me two things:
1. I can't multitask, at least not when it comes to music.


  1. I can also concentrate easily if there is music in the background... I think it works because instead of having many wavy distractions from all sides in the environment, we tend to concentrate on two parallel lines (music and work)if not on work alone...

  2. i just remember one thing .... "guys can't multitask" :P

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that women can work more efficiently than men. In anything, once they get a hang of it. Hands down. :)


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