Foolish Desires

It's New Year and everyone is partying. Celebrating with people whose company they enjoy. The campus is full of happy people drunk in the spirits of friendship. But there are some, who even in the midst of this crowd are feeling all alone. There are some at the back of whose minds is a hope. A foolish hope, maybe. They are waiting for that call, or that message which they know will not come. They are all pining for it. Checking their phones every 10 minutes. Looking at their inboxes, or their chats, or their facebook pages.

But it won't come. He knows that person is out there, chatting with someone else. Right now. How then can this person feel inebriated in this atmosphere? If only wishes could come true. Just this once. And just then, a couple he knows walks in. And he has to wish them a Happy New Year, drinking in his tears, putting on that face he has mastered by now.

Happy New Year folks.


  1. Happy new year :-)

  2. To you too Anonymous.

    It seems like a scene right out from V for Vendetta, but I have to ask, who is this? :-)

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