Hey Tuttoo.. Hey Shash

School was fun. I remember my Monday tests the most. Not mine actually, but Somu's for sure. His was an interesting tale. He would get an English music cassette for every 50 he would score in a Maths test. And he got quite a few that way. And boy, was he glad when he got one. So was I though, since I laid claim to first use after he was done with it. My parents, sadly, never gave me that kind of incentive. They would much sooner have my test answer sheet framed than give me a 'character damaging' English cassette.

I am sure Shash also had a similar deal. Well, the opposite actually, but similar. That he would get a cassette every time he didn't score a perfect 50. And I think he doesn't have any. Maybe that is why my parents liked him more. Not because he always scored a perfect score. But because.. well, I think you get it :-)

It is a different world today. People I am studying with have probably never bought a cassette, all they have ever used are CDs and MP3 players. My generation grew up on Friends and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and these 'kids' consider these sitcom behemoths the diet of the oldies.

I liked those days more. I guess that's true for most people, or maybe not. But at least I had people whom I called friends and could go out with every day. There was nary a care in the world, and our discussions would be around who would get to bat first, and whose cycle would be used as the stump. I miss school. I miss you guys, S & S. I wish we can all come back to VK and live the way we used to.

But I know...


  1. Reading this post makes me feel much younger than my age! Seriously-cassettes..and you mention your fellow students(us) as if there's a whole generation gap! Looks like the generation gap is more mental than physical in this case.

    But FS to the sentiments. What is this life full of care...

  2. There are 20 year olds here.. half a decade younger than me.. And the stuff I used to is ancient for them...!

  3. Half a decade is not a generation dude... bas tumhaari soch buddhi ho gayi hai!

  4. Bhavya.. the definition of generation should change now..! 5 years me itna difference hai logo me ki kya kahe.


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