6 am

What can you be doing at 6 am in WIMWI? Thinking of going to sleep? Waking up to go to the gym? Admonishing yourself for sleeping instead of working on that long 4000 word WAC? Cursing yourself for not having started your BRM project earlier? Chatting with friends? Watching a movie? Or just sleeping soundly?

Well, I spent my 6 am two days ago hanging out of a small (a tiny) balcony with Z, happily singing songs, woefully out of tune, but with gay abandon. And silently hoping that some girl would pass through the opening that the balcony overlooks, look up and smile that lovely smile that only a girl can give.

That didn't happen, but still easily one of the best 6 am(s) I have had!

PS: I will obviously try again..!


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