When Voldy met Gandalf

Among fantasy fanatics a very common past-time is drawing up comparisons among the two most popular fantasy fictions doing the rounds currently, The Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter. Whenever I have gone ahead on that path I have ended up comparing Harry with Frodo, Ron with Sam, Voldemort with Sauron, Dumbledore with Gandalf and so on.... One interesting set piece I had never thought of is what would have happened if Gandalf was to meet Voldemort. Who would have prevailed (disregarding the prophecy linking Harry & Voldy, of course). Go on, take a shot. My vote is for Voldemort, but that could always change.

What say you (Aragorn style.. :) ) ??


  1. Are you kidding! Ofcourse Gandalf! The thing of it is that the Gandalf fellow is not just any wizard (unlike Dumbledore) - he is Gandalf the White (the White is the highest order of wizardry earned not by respect or honor, but by skill). QED.

  2. so many days gone by.. and only one reply.. What a pity..!!

    And yeah, Gandalf is so much classier than Voldemort... And he can also play dirty if need be.. (that's how I picture him..) But Voldemort seems to be quite clever too.. With those two locked in battle, I feel that they would be locked in the same kind of battle as did Dumbledore and Voldy, with Voldy wanting to kill and Gandalf trying to control... But you know, throughout Lord Of The Rings, Gandalf seemed very tired to me, except at the very fag end when they were all going away to the havens..

    And that is the only reason why I think that Voldemort might triumph. Otherwise, had he faced Mithrandir in the prime of his powers, he would have his ass kicked...!!

    The battle is still on...!


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