The Sum of My Parts

One part of me lives with my mother
Who can hear my footsteps from two floors above
Another lives with my father
Who silently waits for me to take his burden
Another with my sister
Who hopes I will guard her from everything that lurks
More with my grandparents
Both who have departed, and who I am lucky to have still
More with my friends
And haven't I been lucky to share so much with so many of them?
Another part breathes, restless, with the wind
And still another, at the peak, where I left it, with the mountaintops
Oh dear, there's one more, gently gurgling, sometimes roaring, 
As it meanders through the valleys and the plains
A huge part with those most beautiful of all creations 
Whom I have met, laughed, and played with.
And then one
With the one woman I can never forget

So many I have, and yet I feel alone.
And I wonder why
And then the last part, the one still with me wakes up
And tells me simply
Because you have kept your parts apart
Because you think they are far away from you
Because you think too much
And feel too little
Because you have forgotten
To just breathe


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