The Foolishness Goes On

When Niraj was 7, he waited eagerly for his birthday. For the cake. For the gifts. For showing off the cutest little sister in the world. For being the guy in the room who mattered the most.

When he was 17, he was sceptical of his birthday. For he knew he would be broke the next day. And for many weeks hence. For he realized that one more year had passed and he hadn't done anything about his crush. For he knew that even on his birthday he would have to study for the JEE.

Today, he turns 27. He is now scared of his birthday. For he knows that in this city of 4 million, there is none to pop the bubbly with. For he knows he can't call on anyone and order them to wish him. For he knows that he will keep waiting for that call. That call that didn't come on New Year's. The call that won't come today either.

On any other day, he cherishes solitude. With nothing but the wind to laugh with. Today, it is supposed to be his day. And today, he yearns for a companion. Today, he does not want to speak. To himself.

He needn't worry. He got a cake. With his name and everything. Thanks Google.

He loves his ma. Btw.


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