The Deoriya Tal - Tungnath - Chandrashila Trek

This is how the trek from Saari village upto the Deoriyatal looks like. It was just under 2 km, but our trek was accompanied with a heavy thunderstorm and plenty of hales too!

But an incredibly beautiful picture awaited as at the end of the trek...

We followed this up with a trek from Chopta to Tungnath. Tungnath is the highest Shiv temple in the world, and one of the five places (Panch Kedars) where Lord Shiv was seen in the form of a bull while hiding from the Pandavas seeking pardon for slaying their cousins, the Kauravas. At Tungnath, the limbs (bahu) of the bull were seen.

Just off Tungnath, a 1 hour trek at he most, is the snowy peak of Chandrashila. Though it is advised to do this complete trek (Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila) in the winters to see a snowy landscape, we did bang in the middle of the summers. And we were glad we did! First, we got to enjoy the lush green rolling hills while climbing up to Tungnath (complete with cows with bells, I didn't see this scenery that close even in Switzerland!). And second, we camped in a very cramped tent at Tungnath. And we were freezing. With 3 layers of clothing and blankets too. I have no idea how we would have lasted in the winters!

Some pics from the Tungnath trek (I couldn't figure out the exact trekking route, so here is a very rough elevation profile. This is certainly not accurate!)


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