It's but a phase

Don't worry my friend,
It's but a phase,
You'll sail right through, 
Though it may appear like a haze,
You're not at all alone,
Don't ever think that,
Whenever you feel down,
someone will give you a pat
Or give you a hand, 
and make you feel at home.

Don't forget the one,
who could have died for you,
To just see your one smile,
could have fetched the stars from the sky for you,
Don't even forget the ones on whom you depended,
Or even the ones for you who fended.

They can still be reached,
in case bridges you burned,
ask for forgiveness,
and let emotions be churned,
Come on girl, 'tis high time you became a woman,
And rectified your mistakes,
For love doesn't diminish, 
Even if he's in some other state.

Old friends are like gems,
But new ones can be gold,
Into your liking
will a good friend himself mould.
Of course I speak of myself here,
what else did you think,
the one who will tell you
whenever you stink.

But still must you pause and hesitate,
to decide for whom you'll open the gates
and pour out your heart, mind, body & soul.
And should someone else do that for you,
be very sure,
whether you want to do that for him too,
for once that happens, expectations are set,
and much hurt is caused when they aren't met.
I speak of evry new friend you've made,
on behalf of the ones who're waiting at the gate,
Ready to give you a pat, a hand, when you want,
and not the ones who're just out there to flaunt.
Look back into their gaze, 
and just remember what they say,
"Don't worry, my friend,
It's but a phase"


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