Taking a different path - Part 2

Just continuing with my last post with more endeavors in education.

6. Pratham Books - http://www.prathambooks.org/
A Book In Every Child's Hand
At Pratham Books, we believe that every child has the right to enjoy good books.  And we believe they should have stories set in surroundings familiar to them and in a language close to their culture. We believe that to make books accessible to every child, the price points have to be very low. Pratham Books is a brand of story books as Indian as the children who read them. Our dream is to see a country where every child wants to read, is able to read, and has something good to read.

7. Dr. Reddy's Foundation - http://www.drreddysfoundation.org/
Set up in 1996, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) is a non-profit partner of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Driven by its belief in the inherent motivation and capacity of the human being for progress – given the appropriate and adequate environment – DRF innovates and tries out novel concepts that are continuously refined and scaled up to cover larger groups of disadvantaged populations.
8. Gandhi Fellowship - http://www.gandhifellowship.org/
Through a deeply transformative process of self-discovery and personal change, the Fellows are encouraged to delve deeper, to discover their passions and to convert their private dreams into a public reality.
9. Smile Foundation - http://www.smilefoundationindia.org
Under education, Smile Foundation strives to promote and catalyze universal education among children from underprivileged section of society. The aim being that education should lead to change not only in the amount of knowledge gained but also in the abilities to do, to think and to acquire habits, skills and attitude which characterize an individual who is socially accepted and adjusted. The term universalizsation includes universal enrolment, universal retention and universal achievement of an acceptable level of reading, writing and arithmetic. We at Smile believe that Quality Education is key to overcoming poverty in a single generation. And it is also fundamental in creating a future for human security, community development and national progress. It is an enormous challenge. It is also an immense opportunity!
10.  Doosra Dashak - http://www.doosradashak.in
With reference to persons of 11-20 age group, DD aims to channelize immense energy of these young boys and girls towards community development and nation building. DD programme works with the following objectives:
  • To meet their basic learning needs and to relate learning to life, work and environment;
  • To equip them for adolescence and family life through improvement in their understanding of issues in health/reproductive health and making them aware about HIV /AIDS;
  • To create an awareness about the underlying causes of socio-economic and gender inequality;
  • To cater livelihood related issues by enhancing vocational and life skills;
  • To harness their energies for nation building through creation of cadres who may provide educated, informed and responsible leadership;
  • To create a cadre of adolescents to work towards securing people’s rights and to steadfastly pursue the constitutional postulates of national integration, democracy and secularism;
  • To employ science and technology for improving the lives of the people.
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