Monday, April 25, 2011

15 minutes

15 minutes. The time left before I leave. Leave my campus for a month. Leave my room for good. Leave my comfort zone behind. Leave to see if I have found my calling. Leave the blistering mid-summer heat of Ahmedabad. Leave the cool breeze of my twin cooler. Leave my boyhood behind.

Leave for an India alien to me. Alien in person, not in thought. Leave to see my friends. Leave to make new friends. Leave to be humbled. Leave to find new joy. Leave to spread a few smiles. Leave to learn. Leave to teach. Leave to laugh. Leave to seek. Leave for a new life. Yet, continue with all things old. Leave to do what I desire. Leave to make a mark. Leave to make no mark.

My midsummer sojourn. My quarter life makeover. My life. My work. Me.