3 things most people do not know about me

1. I love the number '3'. I consider it my lucky number... :D
2. My first nickname was krishna.. I was born on janmashtmi, and barring this year & 1998, it has always rained on my birthday. Plus, the year I was born, my dad could not see me till about a week after my birth 'cause all train services had been disrupted due to torrential downpours..!! :-)
3. I love palak paneer (Ok.. this one some people might know... :-D )


  1. Everybody knows that you love palak paneer! and 3? then why do all mail addresses have 101 in them?

  2. Bahut logo ne poocha hai yeh.. Now that I think of it, it is quite like Akash's captcha-named blog address. abhinav.gupta was not available on gmail, it suggested abhinav.gupta101 & hence... :)


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